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Lesson Thirteen Work 1. exceedingly irksome a. exceeding:extraordinary or exceptional exceedingly :extremely 极其。 b. irksome irk: to annoy , esp . in a provoking or tedious way  令人讨厌。 如: It irks ane to do such tedious work. 做这样无聊的工作让我相一致感到厌烦 。 irksome; tending to irk 令人厌倦的,厌烦的。 -some .加在名词、动词或形容词上构成形容词。另如: lonesome 孤独的,冷落的; guarrelsome受吵架的; troublesome 麻烦的; wearisome使人疲劳的,令人厌烦的。

2. an excess of work… excess : more than or above what is necessary 超过部分,过多。如: You should pay for the excess. 你应该支付超过部分。 Excess of sorrow laughs , excess of joy weeps. 悲极而笑,喜极而泣。 an excess of anger / an excess of enthasiasm极其愤怒/热情。carry something to excess 把事情做得过火。 in excess of超过。如: He spent in excess of his income . 他过度奢侈,入不敷出。

3. provided (that):conj . if and only if ; on condition that .如果,只要。如:

Provided(that) there is no opposition , we shall proceed to carry out the plan.如果没有反对,我们就开始执行计划。 Provided you pay him he will take the work.如果你给他钱,他会干那活。

4. mere relief of tedium relief : feeling of comfort at the ending of anxiety, fear or pain 放松。如:What a relief ! 心里多么放松啊! relief of pain /anxiety 缓解痛楚/ 紧张。

5. at a loss: bewildered or uncertain 不知所措。如: For a moment I was at a loss.有一阵子我不知所措。He was at a loss for an explanation of the affair.他不知道该如何解释那件事。We are at a loss to understand his motive.我们对于他的动机一点也不能理解。

6. drudgery :苦工 drudge:a person who does menial, dull or hard work. 勤苦地做单调乏味的苦工的人。

7.sensation (s ): widespread excitement or interest.轰动。

8. first and foremost :首先,最主要的。如:Though he has written many books, he‘s first and foremost a poet.尽管他写过几本书,他首先是个诗人。 First and foremost, we must have freedom. 最重要的是同我们必须有自由。

9. impair : to make worse; damage 损害。如:His reputation was impaired by his mistakes.他的声誉受到他的错误的损害。His excessive work impaired his health. 他过度的工作损害了他的健康。

10.procure:obtain sth. by careful attention or effort获得。如: He procured me employment.他为我谋得一份工作。

11.at large (放在名词后面):as a whole整个的,一般的。如: Boys at large like sports.男孩一般喜爱运动。 the public at large 社会大众。

12.in the long run: in the end.从长远来说,最后。如: lu the long run, you have to pay the price for your follies.你最终要为你的愚蠢付出代价。 You will benefit in the long run.你最终会受益。

13.has acquired his maximum skill maximum :(being ) the highest amount , value,or degree that can be reached 最大限度。如: My maximum is 240. 我最高记录是240 分。 He smokes a maximum of 30 cigarettes a day. 他最多一天抽30根香烟。 My salary is not at its maximum yet.我的工资还未到最高水平。 It requires your maximum effort.这件事要求你做出最大努力。

maximize:最大化。 如: maximize one‘s potential / profits 最大限度发挥潜力/ 获得利益。

反义词: minimum最少。 如:It requires a minimum of five day‘s work. 这最少需要五天工作。

a minimum of temperature / wage / height最低气温/ 工资/ 身高。 minimize the consequences / the risks. / the formalities将后果/ 风险/ 手续减到最少。

14.at any rate:in any event; in any case不管怎样。如:I will leave him alone at any rate. 无论如何,我不会理他。

15.apt:likely, having a tendency常会,容易(有某种倾向)。如:A careless person is apt to make mistakes.粗心的人容易犯错误。Lesson Fourteen I would Like to Tell You Something 1.testify to: give or provide evidence about something 证明。I‘ll testify to his exceptional ability. How can you testify to the reliability of the wit ness ? vt. His words testify his reluctance to help me. His tears testificd his grief. vi. state or declare under oath , usually in court作证。 n. testimony: bear (be) testimony of 表明。 Winning the scholarship is testimony of intelligence. 2.be tantamount t adj. equivalent in effect or meaning (实质上)

等于,相当于。如:His answer is tantamount to a refusal. 3.rampant: growing or spreading steadily and without stopping ; widespread ; a rampant rumor(disease )

4.take…lying down甘心接受(不愉快情况)。如: He took the defeat lying down. I cannot take that insult lying down. 5.not give a damn:一点不在乎。 I dow‘t give a damn what they say. 我一点也不在乎他们说什么。

6.what if …假使……又怎样?What will happen if … What if he fails to help us? What if they should be in love ?

7.in terms of : with regard to , concerning 就……。来说,从……角度。如:In terms of salary , the job is guite good. In terms of natural resources , it is one of the richest countries in the world. 8.want n. :lack, absence, or need; often in the phr. for/from want of  由于缺乏。如:The plants died for/from want of water. 9.spuander: spend foolishly; use up waste fully. Lesson Fifteen The Beauty Inaustry 1. substantially: to a large degree大体上,基本上。如:Their opinions are substantially the same. His criticism is substantially correct. 2. prodigious: a. extraordinary in size , amount , etc. 巨大的,莫大的。prodigal a . 浪费的,挥霍的,放荡的。

3. cult of beauty 对美的崇拜the cult of surfing 冲浪狂the personality cult个人崇拜4. retrench : to reduce or diminish, esp. so as to economize减少,节省。如:The company began to retrench its work force. 5. be preoccupied with:专注于,有心事,如:When he is preoccupied with his hobby, he is oblivious of what is going on around him. They were preoccupied with their thoughts. 6. intrinsically -inftrinsic: belonging to or being part of a thing by its value 本来具有的,固有的。如:intrinsic value 内在价值intrinsic energy内能。

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