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accomplish v. finish successfully 完成

approximately ad. nearly correctly but not exactly 大约地;近似地

combat v. fight or struggle against 跟…战斗;拼搏

compensate v. provide with a balancing effect for 补偿;赔偿

defect n. some loss or something lacking or imperfect 欠缺;缺点;不足之处

deplete v. lessen greatly in quantity, contents, power or value 使空虚;使减少;使枯竭

devastate v. destroy completely 破坏

drainage n. the flow of excess water 排水,放水

erosion n. the action or result of wearing or robbing away 腐蚀;侵蚀

feat n. an action showing strength, skill or courage 武艺,技艺;壮举

fertile a. (of land) which produces good crops; rich 肥沃的,富饶的

flourish v. grow healthily 繁荣;兴旺

graze v. (of animals) feed on grass 喂草;放牧

herd n. group of animals of one kind which feed together 兽群;牧群

identical a. exactly alike 完全相同的

innovation n. new ideas, methods or inventions 新观点;新方法;革新、创新

intensive a. growing too much crops on a limited piece of land; giving too much in a limited space or time 精耕细作的,集约的;集中的

livestock n. animals kept on a farm 家畜,牲畜

misleading a. causing to think or act wrongly 误导的;引入歧途的

nutrient n. chemical or food providing for life and growth 营养品,营养物

offspring n. the young of an animal 幼仔,后代

overwhelming a. very great 很大的;势不可挡的;压倒之势的

pasture n. a grass land used as food for cattle 牧场

potential n. possibility for developing or being developed 潜力;潜能

precious a. that must not be wasted; extremely valuable 宝贵的,珍贵的

prosperity n. the state of having good fortune and success 幸运;成功

radiate v. send out ( light or heat ) 发射(光线或热量)

replenish v. put new supplies into; fill up again 补充;添加;(再)装满

restrict v. keep within limits 限制;限定;约束

rotate v. plant different crops each year; take turns in regular order 轮作

substantial a. noticeable; important 显著的;重大的

trait n. particular quality of something 特性,特点

tranquility n. being peaceful; freedom from anxiety 和平;宁静,安静,安宁

triple v. cause to grow to three times the amount or number 三倍于;使增至三倍

yield n. output; the amount that is produced 产量,收获量

embryo n. 胚胎

insemination n. 授精

semen n. 精液

superovulation n. 多排卵

surrogate mother 代孕母体

uterus n. 子宫



appeal n. a call to a higher count to change the decision of a lower court 上诉

ban n. an order for forbidding sth. 禁令

budget n. a plan of how much money to take in and how to spend it 预算

bully v. force or frighten someone to do sth. 强迫…做;恐吓…做

clip n. cut of sth. by leaving out parts of it  剪,剪短

commentator n. a broadcaster who gives opinions or descriptions during an event, football match etc. 时事评论员,实况播音员

commitment n. a promise to following a certain course of action 许诺,(商业上的)约定

curb n. controlling influence 控制,约束,抑制

executive a. concerned with making or carrying out decisions, esp. in business 执行的,实施的

exposure n. a case of being exposed to the public 曝露,揭露,曝光

fierce a. angry, violent and cruel 生气的,凶猛的,残忍的,强烈的

hangover n. the feeling of headache, sickness etc. the day after drinking too much alcohol  (酗酒或吸毒后的)宿醉,(指头痛,恶心等不适感)

impartiality n. being fair or giving equal attention to all concerned 公平,公正,一视同仁

injunction n. official order to do or not to do 命令,指令,禁令

legislate v. make laws  立法,制定法律

memorandum n. a note of sth. to be remembered 备忘录

panorama n. a thorough representation in words or pictures 概观,概论,全景

passionate a. showing or filled with strong, deep, often uncontrollable feeling 热烈的,热情的,激昂的

pledge n. a solemn promise or agreement 誓言,誓约,保证

predecessor n. a person who held (an official) position before someone else 前辈,前任者

prejudice v. cause to have unfair and often unfavorable opinion not based on reason 使抱偏见,使怀成见

prelude n. sth. that comes before and acts as an introduction to sth. more important 序言,序幕,序曲

privatize v. cause to become one‘s own 把(公有财产等)收归所有,使私有化

prospect n. sth. that is expected or considered probable 指望,盼望的事物

skeptical a. doubtful 怀疑的

shareholder n. owner of one or more shares in a business 股票拥有者,股东

submission n. suggestion; idea, opinion 建议,意见,看法

substantial a. noticeable, important 显著的,重大的

substitute v. put sth. in place of another 代替,替代

transmit v. send out radio or television signals; broadcast  发射,传送,播送

transmitter n. an apparatus that sends out radio on television signals 发射机,发报机

uphold v. confirm; give approval to 批准,赞成,拥护,同意




advanced a. far on in development, modern先进的,现成的

amplify v. make louder , larger, greater ; explain in greater detail放大;详述

audible a. able to be heard;hearable听得见的

basement n. the lowest part of a building, partly or wholly below ground level 底层;地下室

block n. part; area 街区

booming n. growing rapidly 迅速发展

canteen n. a place in a factory, company, etc. where people may buy and eat food, meals, drinks, sweets, etc. 小卖部;餐室

console n. a flat surface containing the controls for a machine, electrical apparatus, etc. 控制台,仪表板

directory n. a book or list of names, facts, etc. 名录簿,记事本

distinctive a. clearly marking a person or thing as different from others 与众不同的

drab a. dull; uninteresting; cheerless 单调乏味的

drum up v. obtain by continuous effort, esp. by advertising 大力征集,招徕

entrance n. a gate, door, or other opening by which one enters 入口处

exalted a. of high rank; full of joy of the success 高贵的;兴奋的;得意扬扬的

feature v. have as a special character 以…为特色

gadgetry n. small machines or useful apparatuses 小机件;玩意儿

graphics n. lettering, drawings, etc. 图解,字母书写

imprecise a. not exact 不精确

innovation n. a new idea, method or invention 革新,新方法

noticeable a. that can be noticed; worth noticing 显而易见的;值得注意的

novelty n. sth. new and unusual 新颖,新奇

prestigious a. admirable; respectable 有威信的;受尊敬的

remarkable a. unusual; deserving attention 异常的;值得注意的

rival n. a person with whom one competes 竞争对手

short-lived a. lasting only for a short time 短命的,短暂的

showcase n. enclosed shelves with glass in which objects are placed for looking at; a place where goodness is displayed 陈列柜;(优点等)展示

sign up sign an agreement to take part in sth.; enlist 签字;应征

situated a. in a particular place 处于某种境地的

skyscraper n. very tall city building 摩天楼

sophisticated a. complicated; worldly-wise 复杂的;老于事故的

unnoticeably ad. without being seen or noticed 被忽视地

electronics n. 电子学;电子业

fuzzy-logic circuit 模糊逻辑电路

headquarters n. 总部;司令部

panel n. 控制板

processor n. 处理器

subsidiary n. 子公司

wind avenue 风道

wind-tunnel n. 风洞

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