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Lesson Three 1. startle : to disturb suddenly as surprise惊吓。

如:starling news/s startling discovery (disturbing,frightening )令人震惊的新闻/ 发现He startled us when he slammmed the door so loudly. 他砰的一声把门关上,让我们大吃一惊。

The noise startled me out of my sleep.喧哗之声把我从梦中惊醒。

2.a. motion : to make a motion or gesture, as with the hand (用手等)作示意。

如:He motioned me to sit down. 他向我作了个手势,让我坐下。

b. look over: examine, esp . briefly检查。

如:I will look over your paper soon .我会很快看一下你的论文。

We looked over several new models before deciding.我们看过了几种新的模型之后才做了决定。

He asked my age , height , weihgt and marriage status , and then looked me over。 他询问了我的年龄,身高,体重和婚姻状况,然后打量了一番。

3. eye sb. up and down上下仔细打量。

如:They eyed the stanger up and down . 他们对那陌生人仔细上下打量了一番。

4. be up to sb. to do sth.: be one‘s responsbility to do sth.由……负责做……。

如:It‘s up to you to break the news to him . 应该由你向他透露这条消息。

It‘s up to them to make the change .应该由他们作这个变化。

5. in profusion : a great amount quantity( of something )充足。

如;a great profusion of colors = colors in rich profusion五颜六色profuse : adj. generous, lavish 丰富。

如:The critics were profuse in their praise of the new novel . 批评家慷慨地赞扬了那部小说。

He was profuse in his thanks for the help.他盛情感激他的帮助。

Be profuse with one‘s money 花钱大手大脚。

6. a sore throat:喉咙痛, sore ; physically painful or sensitive, such as a wound or diseased part疼痛如:I‘m sore all over from the heavy work I did yesterday . 昨天干了一天重活,全身上下都痛了。

7. in my best professional manner :以我最好的职业方式;manner: a way of doing things做事情的方式。

manner: courtesy 礼貌。

如:good manner 有礼貌。

It‘s bad manner to spaek with your mouth full . 嘴巴里满满的对人说话是不礼貌的。

8. coax : attempt to influence by gentle persuasion哄骗。

如:He tried to coax the secret from me . 他试图哄骗我说出秘方。

9. on the chance: counting on the slight possibility 怀着希望,也许可能。

on the off chance :抱着微弱的希望。

如;She applied on the off chance . 她抱着微弱的希望作了申请。

He offered the information on the chance that it might prove useful.他提供了信息,指望能有所帮助。

10. admonish: to warn or caution gently, to report mildly 训诫。

如;admonish sb. against sth. 劝戒……提防……: The teacher admonshed us against being late .( = us not to be late .)老师训教我们不要迟到。

He admonished him of the need for sincerity.他警告我为人必须真诚。

11. a. savage : mercilessly cruel, uncivillzeed , wild 野蛮的。

如:a savage attack on野蛮攻击; a savage lion野蛮的狮子: savage manners 野蛮的态度savage scenery残酷的场面。

12. a. ensue: follow as a consequence跟随,紧跟。

如:After the heavy rains , floods ensued. 大雨之后紧跟着发了洪水。

during the ensuing months / in the enusing year 随后的几个月/ 年;the war and the ensuing disorder战争以及随后紧跟着的混乱。

b. abject : humiliating and wretched ; contemptible and despicable可怜,可鄙的。

如:an abject apology 低声下气的道歉。

a. crushed: subdued压服。

13. a. agony: extreme and prolonged suffering极大的痛苦。

如:in agony处于痛苦之中;pile up the agony 苦上加苦;in an agony of joy悲喜交加。

b. apprehension ; uneasiness and fear恐惧,担心。

如:feel(show) apprehensions for the safety (failure )对安全(失败)感到(显得)


14. let go of 松开,放开。

如:He let go of the rope . 他放开了绳子。

15. clench: close tightly紧紧抓住。

如:He clenched the cigar in his teeth .他用牙齿紧紧夹住香烟。

He clenched his fists in frustrations . 他沮丧地紧握拳头。

with clenched teeth 咬紧牙关。

16. a. desist : to cease , such as from some action 停止。

如;The company was forced to desist from false advertising . 公司被迫停止虚假广告。

They desisted from evil ways .他们停止为非作歹。

b. “ should + 不定式完成体” 在这里所表示的是一种非真实情况,表达了作者一种遗憾的感情色彩。

在如:I should have come earlier .我本该早点来。

He should have taken my advice .他本应接受我的建议。

17. a. neglect=negligence 疏忽neglect : pay no attention or too little attention to不(够)重视,注意。

如;You shouldn‘t neglect your health . 你不应该忽视自己的健康。

Benign neglect善意的疏忽;total neglect 完全疏忽;parental neglect养子不教。

b. case : the actual state of things 情况。

如;If that‘s the case, you’d better give it up .如果情况确实如此,你最好放弃。

18. go at assault ; begin or proceed vigorously攻击,开始,进发。

如;The tow cocks are going at each other . 两个公鸡互相争斗。

The students tend to go at their studies before the examination . 学生一般会在考试前才开始学习。

19. beyond reason 没有理由。 beyond : outside the limits of……超出……范围。

如:beyond human power超出人力所能为;beyond human endurance让人无法忍受;beyond description难以形容。

20. overpower : 1) overcome (someone or something) by superior force压倒,制服2 ) affect or impress deeply or powerfully 使……无法忍受。

be overpowered by heat(grief )炎热(悲痛)难忍。

Lesson Four 1. dodge: avoid, evade or elude 逃避。

如;He was accused of dodging his taxes . 他被指控逃税。

You shouldn‘t dodge your responsibilities.你不能回避责认。

move aside suddenly 突然闪开。

如:I dodged out of the way when he threw a chair at me . 他将椅子向我扔来的时候,我急忙闪开。

2. condemn: express an unfavorable judgement or opinion of 谴责。

如:We condemned empty talk instead of hard work. 我们谴责只说空话不务实的行为。

3. to come to light : to be discovered or revealed 暴露。

如;On investigation some new facts came to light . 一经调查,一些新的事实就被暴露了。

It has now come to light that he was financially backed by some interest group. 人们刚刚得知,他受到了某个利益集团的经济支持。

4. languish : 1) become feeble;droop ; lose liveliness or the will to do things凋萎,有气无力。

如;languish from the heat /in prison/ in his dull job由于天气炎热/ 坐牢/ 工作乏味而萎靡不振。

2 ) suffer from a feeling of longing 苦思。

如;languish for some kind words/her love 苦苦期盼一些安慰的话语/ 她的爱。

5. moral: the moral teaching or practical lesson continued in a fable, tale , experience,etc.寓意。

如;There is a moral to the story . 这个故事有个寓意。

6. bizarre: unusual in appearance, style, or characters外貌,风格或性格怪异。

如;a bizarre coincidence 一次奇怪的巧合;his bizrre behavior 他怪异的行为。

7. at her own request 根据她本人的要求。

另如:He wrote this book at the request of his……他根据……的要求写了那本书。

8. vote on:就……进行表决。

如:Let‘s vote on this issue, since we can’t agree . 既然我们不能达成一致意见,就来投票表决吧。

9. inprivate: not publicly , secretly 私下。

如:Such a thing is best discussed in private . 这种事情最好私下讨论。

He can be very rube in private, though he is usually polite in public .他私下可能很粗鲁,但在大众面前通常彬彬有礼。

10. taboo adj.忌讳的,禁止的。

如:This topic is taboo on the campus . 校园里忌讳讨论这个话题。

11. A. prolong: cause sth. to continue longer延长。

如:I have to prolong my stay here for another three days . 我必须继续在这里呆三天时间。

You should not have prolonged the ceremony .你本不该延长仪式的时间。

B. throes : agony痛苦。

如;in death throes 处于临终痛苦。

12. hold out: continue to last 坚持,挺住。

如:Can you hold out much longer?你能再坚持一段时间吗?

13. administer to apple as a remedy 施用。

如:administer laws 执行法律。

The doctor administered some me medicine to the girl .医生给女孩施用了一些药。

14. comply with : act in accordance with wishes, requirements or conditions 遵守(意愿,要求或条件等)。

如;You ought to comply with the rules /the demands/ the law/ the requests. 你应该遵守规章/ 命令/ 法律/ 要求。

15. pose danger 造成危险。

pose: cause sth. to exist导致产生。

另如:pose problems 引起问题。

16. by contrast 相比之下。

By contrast , his brother is quite easygoing . 相比之下,他的兄弟比较好相处。

17. usher in: herald 预报,宣告。

如;usher in a new age of prosperity宣告新的繁荣时期的到来。

The rising sun ushered in a new day . 太阳的升起宣告新的一天开始了。

The cuckoo ushered in Spring. 布谷鸟宣布春天到来。

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