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Lesson Eight A Lesson in Living 1.inedible: not fit to be eaten不可食的,不宜食用的2.swirl :( cause to ) move or flow at varying speeds , with twise and turns 涡旋而动,使打旋。

如:A gust of wind swirled dust about the streets . 阵风吹起灰尘弥漫大街。

The snow was swirling in the air .雪花在空中盘旋。

3.…… that would have peeled like a plum if snagged . peel : came off in stips or flakes剥落,脱皮。

如:The wall-paper seems to be peeling off .墙纸看来要剥落了。

4.let alone : without reference to , or considering 更不必说。

如; He doesn‘t have money for food , let alone amusements.他连吃饭的钱都没有,更甭说娱乐了。

5.incessant : continual, often repeated :不断的,不停的。

如:incessant chatter 喋喋不休;incessant rain连绵不断的雨。

6.It would be safe to say that……可以这么说……。

如; It would be safe to say that you would get nowhere if you are so lazy .可以这么说,如果你这样懒惰,你将一事无成。

7.pick her way:慎行。

另如:pick one‘s words精选词语;pick flaws找碴;pick and steal小偷小摸;pick and choose挑三拣四。

8.bear in mind: remember 记住。

如:Please bear in mind that we are friends . 请记住,我们是朋友。

9.infuse them with infuse : fill 灌输。

如:The coach infused the team with enthusiasm .教练给队员注入了热情。

They tried to infuse them with new ideas .他试图给他们灌输新思路。

10.My imagination boggled at the punishment I would deserve ……

a. boggle : to overwhelm or bewilder , as with magnitude or complexity吃惊,受惊,心惊肉跳b. deserve: be worthy of ……值得11. it follows that ……(由……推断)结果自然是…… .如:From what he said , it follows that he didn‘t like the girl .从他所说的推断,自然是他不喜欢那女孩。

12. That in those homely sayings was couched the collective wisdom of generations. a.根据上文* “that”可以理解为in that (即;因为)

b. that 后面是倒装句,正常语序应为:The collective…… was couched in those homely sayings. c. homely: simple , unpretentious; commonly known , familiar 朴素的,不华丽的。

如:a homely meal 家常便饭。

d. couch: put( a thought, etc, in words )以某种措词表达。

如:They couched criticisms in factful language . 他们用事实的语言表达了批评。

13. search…… for the enchantment……: look through a place carefully in order to find something missing; explore or examine in order to discover仔细寻找。

一般结构为:search + place +(for ) object . 如:He search every drawer for the notebook。 为了找笔记本,他搜遍了每个抽屉。

I search my memory for his name . 我努力在记忆中寻找他的名字。

14. singled …… out: pick or choose (one ) from others单单挑出。

如:He singled me out for special mention . 他单单特别提到了我。

Why single him out for criticism?为什么就单单批评他?

15. take to : to respond favorably to开始喜欢,迷上。

如:I took to literature long time ago .我很久以前就迷上文学。

Why did you take to bowling ?你为什么迷上保龄球?

16. trail off : become gradually weaker and fade away(声音等)渐渐消失。

如:His voice trailed off into silence .他的声音慢慢消失,后来什么声音也没有了。

Lesson Nine The Trouble with Television 1. A. prominent anchorman warns of TV‘s adverse effect on America’s culture . a. prominent: outstanding, easily seen, important, distinguished突出的,显著的,重要的,杰出的。

如:a prominent position / writer 显赫的地位、著名作家。

acquire / gain prominence 出人头地。

b. anchorman:(广播,电视)(新闻、体育等节目的)主持人。

c. adverse: unfavorable, contrary 不利的,负面的。

如:adverse circumstances 逆境; adverse effect 负面影响; a theory adverse to the facts 与事实相反的理论。

developments adverse to our interests 与我们的利益相反的发展。

adversary :(竞争中的)对手。

2. if you fit the statistical averages,……假若你处于平均数……

如;on an (the ) average平均起来,一般来说:On(an) the average, I finish reading a book three weeks .一般而言,我平均三星期读完一本书。

He smoked about ten cigarettas a day on an average .他平均一天抽十根香烟。

3.(be) exposed to : lay open to使暴露于……

如:Don‘t expose children to ill effects of the Internet .不要让孩子受因特网的负面影响。

Her youth and beauty could expose her to danger . 她的年轻美貌可能为她招致危险。

如;exposure: n . He threatened me with public exposure .他威胁我要把我曝光。

Much exposure to different cultures is part and parcel of education . 大量接触不同文化是教育的主要组成部分。

4.…… it discourages concentration . discourage(prevent ) sb. from ……使……放弃如;The bad weather discouraged them from going out for the picnic .恶劣的天气使他们放弃外出野炊的计划。

It is discouraging that ……很扫兴,……。

dis 加在名词、形容词、动词上,表示否定。

如;able – disable使残废; disasociation分离; discharge放电; discontinue中断; disease疾病(由“ 不舒适” 转危而来)

5. rewarding: affording satisfaction or valuable experience; affording material gain有价值的,有益的。

如:a rewarding experience(effort)有益的(尝试)。

6. applied effort :拚命努力apply oneself to努力进行,致力于。

如:It‘s hard to apply yourself to some dull work . 无聊的工作很难专心致志地干。

He applied himself to serious studies . 他专心致志进行严肃的研究。

7. The dullest, the least gifted of(最没有天赋的)can achieve things that seem miraculous……

a. dull : slow – witted愚钝的b. miraculous 奇迹般地,不可思议的。另如:work( accomplish )

a miracle 创造一个奇迹。

8. spanert : turn in another direction使转向; amuse, entertain娱乐,消遣。

如:Nothing could spanert his attention from his book .没有什么能转移他读书的注意力。

The traffic was spanerted onto a side road . 交通被引导到旁边的小路。

9. lead : action of guiding or giving an example 领引,率先。

如:take the lead 领先; follow sb‘s lead 效法某人; gain the lead占居首位。

10. perpetual : never-ending 永久的。如; perpetual chatter喋喋不休; perpetual motion永恒运动。

11. usurp : to seize and hold by force or without legal right篡夺,霸占,强夺篡权。

如:The assistant began to usurp his boss‘s authority . 助手开始篡夺老板的权力。

The duke attempted to usurp the throne .公爵试图篡夺王位。

12. surrender ( oneself) to : to give( oneself) up to some influence , course ,etc.沉溺于;沉迷于。

如:He surrendered to despair ( grief) .他沉溺于绝望(悲伤)。

He surrendered himself to a life of pleasure .他沉迷于享乐。

13.the surest way to do sth. is ……做某事的最可靠的方法是……

如:The surest way to succeed is to work hard.取得成功最可靠的方法是努力工作。

14. to strain the attention of strain : make excessive demands upon使劲用,因过度使用而伤害。

如:strain oneself竭尽全力,劳累过度。

He strained his voice to be heard above the noise 周围太吵,他强拉嗓子大喊,人们才听得见他。

He strained every muscle to life the box .他用尽所有力气举起箱子。

15. inherent in : existing as a permanent part or quality that cannot be taken out固有的,与生具有的。

如:A love of peace is inherent in human nature . 热爱和平是人固有的本性。

16. …… had bequeathed to us tables of stone commanding that ……

a. bequeath : hand down, pass on传给后代; to dispose of property or money by means of will 立遗嘱赠与……

如:I bequeath all my worldly goods to my wife .我将我所有的财产赠与我的妻子。

One age bequeaths its civilization to the next .一个时代将其文明留给下一个时代。

b. tablets of stone 石碑。

17. package : vt. to combine or offer as a single unit 把作为整体提出或推销。adj.一揽子。

如:a package tour由旅行社代办一切的旅行;package deal整批交易。

18. pervade : become spread throughout all parts of弥漫如:The smell of coffee pervaded the air . 咖啡的气味弥漫在空中。

Practical ideas pervaded the whole land . 整个国家弥漫着实际的思想。

19. it tends to make things ultimately boring and dismissable ……

a. ultimate : furthest or farthest 最远的。如: an ultimate destination最终目的地。

decisive, conclusive 决定性的。如: the ultimate authority 最终权威。 final, total总数。

如: the ultimate cost最终成本。

b. dismiss: put aside from consideration 驱除。

如:He dismissed the idea for it was just too impractical . 他排除了这个观点,因为那太不合实际了。

20. a substitute for……: a person or thing serving in place of another替代。

如:Guess work is no substitute for investigation . 猜测不能代替调查。

A substitute was sent in when one of the star players was injured . 一位主角受伤了,就派来了一位替身。

substitute for:代替。

如:Who will substitute for you if you are ill?如果你病了,谁替你?

21. ( come ) fall short of: to fail to reach a standard, level, etc. 没达到,赶不上。

如:His income may fall short of his needs .他的收入达不到他的需求。

The result fell short of our expectations . 结果大失我们所望。

22. wholesale : in large amounts or on a large scale 大量地,不分青红皂白地。

如:The company fired people wholesale last year .公司去年大规模裁员。

wholesale 批发 – retail 零售。

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